Be Thankful For The Time

There are thousands of languages, and millions upon millions of words, all formed by only 26 letters.
At times it is difficult to find the correct word to express what we wish to say.
We ponder all the options, we can struggle and edit, or write and rewrite, and still not be entirely satisfied with what ends up on the page because we place so much importance on the message we are trying to convey.
Sometimes what we over think what we choose to say, or how we choose to say it.
Other times the words and thoughts flow easily.
Most times, what we want to say can be expressed simply.
Thank you is what I wish to say today.
Eight letters.
Two words.
Two words that can sound different in each of the languages, but the sentiment is always the same.
Sometimes is does not say enough, but every time you say those two words you express gratitude, respect, and kindness.
Thank you: these are words we don’t say enough, or hear enough.
Today, and every day, we need to take time to say thank you to someone else.
We need to take time to say thank you to our self.
There are 60 seconds to each minute, 60 minutes to an hour, and 24 hours a day.
A thank you takes only a few seconds, but those two words can brighten the remainder of the day.
Find the time.
Make the time.
Be thankful for the time.
01/11/2018                                                      j.g.l.

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