Mondays are just young Fridays

We live all across this magnificent planet: a global community.
We speak a multitude of languages and dialects, each of us calling another place home.
We are of different backgrounds, race, age, gender or orientation; each of us as different as the next.
We are who we are, and we are all here.
Where we are changes occasionally, if not geographically, then emotionally, or physically, politically or spiritually.
Who we are is what we are, wherever we are.
We are all different, yet we share more commonalities than differences. That, itself, is pretty amazing, but we can share more.
We can care more.
We can be more.
Now is a good time to begin.

This month, on this page, I have invited a group of writers to share this space with me.
This month, on this page, the topic is Where We Are.
The submissions are overwhelming. Some of the writers got very personal, others asked questions of themselves, or society in general. Yes, there are commonalities, but from different perspectives.
It is overwhelming.
It provides a complex view of where we are.
It provokes thought.
Please check back throughout this month and see how a group of writers from across this planet can define where we are, and, perhaps, help determine where we can go.

12/31/2018                                                j.g.l.

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