Human Nature

Every day we try to get it right, or get things done, then get on with it.
  It is human nature to want to improve our circumstances and to make life a little easier.
  So, we try to hurry it along. We look for marked improvements and noticeable advancements.
  It is human nature to want to see results.
  In doing to, we get caught up in our expectations.
  Maybe we should try and accept gradual change, incremental shifts in habits and behaviors, which may have a greater overall impact.
  We need to welcome the reality that change can take awhile.
  A less rigid goal of making improvements to your self gradually might take the pressure off and give you time to absorb the changes.
  Day by day, step by step, simply try to make tomorrow a little better than today.

07/28/2019                                            j.g.l.

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