Mondays are just young Fridays

With all the idle chatter, blatant bias, flexible facts, fake news, political posturing and conspiracy theories, it’s so hard to sort through the bullshit and find your own truths (which can vary as much as the next human being).
Knowing what is true is not always easy. In fact, knowing what’s right it is more difficult than righting wrongs.
To keep me true, I keep an ever-expanding mental list; and so should you too.
Today, here is what I know to be true:

If I don’t start, I will never finish.

If I can’t trust myself I’m screwed.

There is always another way and it is not always right. In fact, it may be as wrong as the original option.

Not all memories are good, but they are mine.

I have more to gain than I have to lose.

I have more books to read than time and patience to read them. Still, that should not dissuade me from trying.

My list is never ending.

I can trust somebody until I can trust no more.

Self-awareness, self-doubt, and self-care are individual things.

I’m still getting to know my self.

I am still here.

Progress equals patience.

Not all ideas are good.

Words mean something.

What I learned yesterday will help me get through tomorrow.

Learning is easier than remembering.

My mornings are what I make of them.

03/01/2021                                           j.g.l.



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