Give A Fuck

A year ago, a vaccine was only a hope.
   Since then, we have witnessed that a vaccine is the biggest hope of lessening the effects, and the spread, of COVID-19 and its variants.
   Right now it is the best chance we have of halting, or controlling, this disease.
   Still, there are so many people who remain unvaccinated. It is their choice.
   It is their sign of protest.
   And yes, I am aware there are those who are not medically able to get the shot. This is another reason why we all need to get vaccinated: to protect your fellow human being.
   The more people who are vaccinated, the fewer chances there are of a fifth or sixth wave of a global pandemic that has taken so many lives.
   I’m not speaking as a medical professional or scientist. I’m not.
   I am just a person
   But, I’m a person who has had the required two shots, and I’m fully prepared for a third, or a booster, or an annual shot if that is required.
   I understand that the biggest percentage of COVID-19 cases is now in the unvaccinated.
   Why can’t you?
   It’s time to give a fuck.


10/01/2021                                                j.g.l.

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  1. In May and June I was traveling in Montana and Idaho; I saw few signs requiring masks (when I did, it was mostly First Nation businesses), and when I’d enter wearing a mask, people looked at me like I was an alien. Back in Oregon, I have a daughter who refuses to get the vax because she doesn’t believe they know what the long-term effects are — and this, after having been a drug addict on the streets taking in whatever drug she could in whatever means she could. She’s clean and sober now, working to help the homeless and drug addicted (giving back) and yet she has somehow arranged in her brain that taking a jab that could save herself or any number of others is not a safe thing to do. I have an ex who is extremely diabetic (adult onset) and yet doesn’t control his diet, gaining, it seems 20 pounds a year, suffering from neuropathy, having suffered several heart attacks, who, though vaccinated, won’t leave his house for fear he might get COVID. This is all to say that I marvel (and am stupified) at the configurations of thoughts a human being can go through to justify their actions, no matter what evidence exists to the contrary. It’s a control issue, isn’t it? For my daughter, she lost control of her actions for several years, and now she’s a control freak to the extreme. My ex has lost complete control over his eating but hangs on by a thread of control in his isolation. Meanwhile, I got my booster yesterday.

    • It is a control issue, yes, and unfortunately we need to allow these restrictions to control us.
      I don’t buy into the conspiracy theories and bullshit that continues to spread. We have face so few “pandemics” in our lifetime; and we are dealing with this one at a time where science and medicine is more advanced than it has ever been. We have advantages now that we have never had before.
      Yes, I do fel a loss of control, but if it keeps me safe, if it keeps my family from becoming ill (or dead), I will go with the best option that is available.
      Glad you got your booster.
      Stay safe.

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