The calm arrives.
          It just arrives.
You cannot force it,
nor speculate
when it will return,
or why.
     The calm arrives.
  You don’t notice it,
                   and then
it is right there.


cloud songs


    The Moon
humbly acknowledges
     its place in your sky.

Night’s soft glow
preaches to
               a gentle dawn,
   black or white,
   the space between
sleep and silence.
   A breath, or the wind,
    wishes soft thoughts
           greater strength.

          Wake up
                      and dream.


Quiet Desperation

_MG_9412 - Version 2

The night asks
what has become
of your time and voice,
now barely a whisper
amidst this atmosphere of
deceit and quiet desperation.
Where are you
with your personal evolution?
Have you observed
incremental changes as you
liquidate memory
and emotion?
The night demands
greater attention to
the present and past
Do you stay awake
to even attempt an
answer to this confusion?

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