What Are You Wearing?

What to wear, or dare to go bare?

After the bathing, some people may choose to sleep in the most natural state; others will dress for bed, as they do for every activity.
There is a psychological advantage in wearing pajamas or a nightgown and dressing for bed. In removing your clothing before you bathe, you strip away the demons, dogma, and detritus of the day. Following a shower or bath, after scrubbing off all the sins and sanctimonious bullshit that has stuck to your skin, you button up freshly laundered PJs, slip between the sheets, and take the first steps from daytime busy to nighttime bliss.

I’m rather fond of pajamas, most of the time, but know everybody has their own preferences. Click here to read more about  Button Up Bliss
Do what is comfortable for you, but do be comfortable.






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