Willpower To Dream

You will notice your surroundings a bit more during the day as you pay greater attention to what flows through you at night. You will become more attuned to your breath, more cognizant of your body movement, and you will pay more attention to the details of everyday life.
  When you devote thought to an issue or idea you have been living with, you will subconsciously begin to infuse the thoughts or ideas that have arrived at night. It may even be possible to solve certain dilemmas because of the added attention the mind has given the topic.
    This also opens up your dreams to the power of your will. As you become comfortable with the steps you are now taking to fall off to sleep, you may want to introduce suggestion to your process. This is far from self-hypnosis, but the power of suggestion can do amazing things when channeling your mind.
    After you have gone through your deep breathing, ridding your lungs of the remains of the day, you could try a mantra or word repetition during the more regular breathing pattern. By holding your thoughts as you fall into sleep, you are raising the consciousness of your unconscious by subjecting it to your intentions.
   Deep sleep.
   Deep peace.

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