In Quintessence

An afternoon with spare time. Six degrees
of separation. and open minds. Convenient,
yet unplanned. Everybody coincidentally,
becomes much closer than it seems.
Proximity matters less than distance,
accidental or in quintessence. A smile,
familiar stranger, friendly face, a dose of
unaccounted grace. This planet becomes
a little smaller when it all leads back to
one place. Who knew or questioned why?
Who even thought of a need to try?
Café bustling with warm souls, make
more room at the table. Common courtesies,
another cup of tea, and familial follies mix
with time-tested fable. Everybody becomes
a little closer. Asking questions, it’s all
so kosher. Life lessons are never taught,
history and geography all for naught.
If you take the time to ask, show concern
enough to care, often you will discover
there is more than what was there.
04/4/17                                                          ©j.g.lewis

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