Mondays are just young Fridays

It is not always clear; the details,
the deeds, the thoughts that intercede
are all-too-often too murky to believe.
  The why and the when, and what will
happen then, can be confusing.
  It’s not always black and white.
  The rules, the results, and life itself,
are full of areas that are not always
grey. We have to look for meaning in
the madness, and take a closer look
each aspect of what happens to us.
  There are grey areas, yes, but many,
many other colours will appear on
the scene, like a television test screen.
The green of envy, the red of anger
or rage and jealousy will mix with
the hues of blue associated with
depression, anxiety or disappointment.
  It can all blur the tone of what we
would like to believe is happiness
and well-being, all a part of the
emotional scale we wrestle with in an
attempt to find balance and clarity.
  We simply can’t be limited by black
and white, or the grey of everyday.
  Allow all of your emotions to heal
and to feel. By knowing, by accepting,
all of the shades in this technicolor
world, you are better able to deal with
the self, and the emotions of others.
  It’s all part of the big colourful picture.
07/10/2017 j.g.l.


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