Only Reminders

As natural as it may be, or as untimely as it may seem, the death of a loved one is the most difficult experience we encounter in our lives.

It is never easy. A life has ended.

Relationships, whether family or friend, are built over time. We build our lives around other people. It is what makes us human. We learn together, we live together, and we experience life, uniquely, with those we are close to. Sometimes it is trying, but always it is necessary.

Memories are forged just by being there, and then, on those moments when the other person is not, we are left with only reminders.

We remember birthdays, vacations, significant events like Sunday afternoons and years and years of personal interaction. The seasons change and so do we. It takes time to build memories and even longer to let them breathe.

You will remember, on and off – especially in the days immediately after a death – of what that person meant. Cherish those afterthoughts. Know you were there when you needed to be. Know your love, and your presence, made a difference. It will not make the death any easier, but it will make it real.

Those emotions you feel are real.

The grief will pass, the sorrow will subside, and the feelings will leave an imprint forever on your life.

Take comfort, and take time to think, to relive, and to reflect. It will take a while, but let that time be a constant reminder of the gratitude you have for all that they were.

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