cloud songs

     Look ahead, or remain
where you are.
                    We can struggle
through this silence, or speak
    inconsequential dialogue
  to fill the minutes
                           and hours,
and it could lead nowhere.
        We’ve been there before.
An open door can be
        a barrier or a blessing
   Temperature and colour
           slightly the same,
  our knowledge formed
            by choices,
    and haphazard risks
near the end
                of the day.
we dare, or we attempt,
        to interpret whispers,
     the wind,
  and dreams we create with
the accuracy of a horoscope
         and certainty
                of a lottery ticket.
     We can question
           our judgement, or
       discount it as fate.
    We’ve been here before.
         can hold us
                wherever we are.
10/14/2017                       j.g. lewis


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