Stand Peacefully

In these violent times — where humility is questioned, and humanity seems bleak, or is nonexistent — we often encounter those who believe their power is superior to our own.
  They speak too loudly, and only because they feel a self-indulgent need to hear their own voice.
  They speak continuously because they are too afraid to stop and listen to logic, or to love.
  They speak ignorantly, because they cannot comprehend peace on any level. Poor souls; they cannot even understand the concept (or the promise) of peace, and they will do anything to break it down.
  This behavior is vile and it is verbally, physically, and spiritually violent.
  Those of us who believe in peace, those of us who seek a greater understanding, simply can’t let these bastards wear us down. We cannot accept the lowest common denominator.
  We must believe there is a better way, and we must follow our beliefs.
  We must forgive, but not too easily.
  We need to understand, if only to recognize how not to get trapped in a dangerous ideology based in greed, fear, and really bad karma.
  Of course this means we must continue to listen, and hope they will eventually run out of things to say.
  As we stand peacefully we will know, and we will see, this hope comes with silence.
  Keep believing.

12/8/2017                                     j.g.l.

John Lennon
Rest In Peace

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