Going With The Flow

Of course you’ve got things to do; we all do. Every damn day, all those duties and responsibilities come at us from all directions, in every facet of our lives.
  We’ve got to work to keep up with the bills, and with that comes the tasks, duties, chores, reports and a crisis (or three). In between all the multitasking, and devoting the required attention to family and relationships, we also try to get around to the creative endeavors that give us meaning above and beyond everything else in life.
  We set expectations, unrealistic or not, we try to adhere to as we squeeze in work on our projects in fits and starts, cramming in as much of this ‘artistic freedom’ as we can. It gets to the point where we end up working to the deadline instead of simply allowing the creative process to flow.
  There is certain frustration as something we thought could happen becomes lost in the attempt to make it happen. It’s not that we are not putting in the time, we are simply concentrating on the time instead of the craft.
  Step back.
  Art needs space.
  Give yourself the space to create and let it take its own time.
  Don’t rush it.
  Art does not punch the clock. Art needs to unfold in its own way; you cannot force it. Creativity has no deadline, why should you?
  Take the time, it’ll all be fine.

05/18/2018                                            j.g.l.

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