It’s That Simple.

Plans, projections, anticipated

results or expectations don’t

always happen when or as they

should (or at all for that matter).

Who knows why, or how, but

on any given day, without notice,

you are going to fuck up.

It happens.

Repeat after me:

shit happens.

You can question why, rage at

the moon, or have a good cry,

but none of that is going to correct

what has happened. 

Yeah, you might learn a lesson

or three, but lessons don’t help

unless you put them into practice.

So try again.

It’s. That. Simple.

You’ve already made the major

mistake(s), so what else can go wrong?

Dry your tears, take a deep breath,

and try again. If you want to rage,

tonight’s full moon gives you a great

big target, but let it out and

be done with it.

Rest up and try again tomorrow.

It’s that simple.


05/29/2018 j.g.l

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