Count On Comfort

As the winds chill and we prepare for months of cooler temperatures, we begin to seek greater comfort.
  Our diets change as we favor hearty soups or stews that stick to your ribs and robust coffees or earthy teas to soothe the soul.
  Favourite sweaters come up from the bottom drawer, or back of the closet, and we begin the search for the gloves or mitts to warm the fingers when the hands we hold no longer can.
  As the seasons change, I count on the instant comfort of corduroy.
  I’ve always had, at least, one pair of cords in my wardrobe, save last year when a threadbare pair finally gave in to a few years of wear and tear and I could not find a pair of Levis (or lesser brand) to replace what I had been wearing.
  I’ve worn corduroy going back to when I was a kid, and my mom would often outfit me for the first day of school with cords and a coordinating shirt picked out just for me (memories of a mother’s love just sent a warm wave through my body).
  Simple. Practical. Comfortable. You can always count on corduroy.
  Unlike stiff, starchy, denim jeans (which can take many washes and, perhaps, years of wear before they are truly worn in) corduroys pants take only one wash to soften to an acceptable state. The quality of comfort only increases with age.
  You can count on corduroy, especially when you can’t count on the weather.
  I bought a new pair of cords this past weekend. The pants are more function than fashion, utilitarian without becoming uniform, and more diverse and dependable than blue jeans.     Corduroy offers three-season comfort; especially important when you feel the cold weather can last that long.

10/16/2018                                                j.g.l.

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