Every day I write. I write
every damn day. Sometimes
it’s poetry, or essays, and
thoughts, or questions.
Other times it is unsolicited
advice (not always heeded,
especially by myself) or
observations on things that
catch my eye and make me
wonder. Why? It’s what I do,
every day, and every day for
the past two years I’ve been
posting some of my stuff
here, not because I have to,
but because I want to. I write,
every damn day.
Thank you for reading.



     What have you forgotten?
What keeps you awake? What
could solve those few problems?
   What will it take?    What are
                                you missing?
What makes it real? What are you
thinking? What do you feel? What
   would be different if
           it actually could?    What is
holding you back from doing
     all that
  you should? What could go wrong?
What makes you so sure?       What,
    for heavens sake,
        is the answer
                               or cure? What will
it cost you to change up the pace?
          What goes on behind the
smirk on your face? What do you
remember?    What do you know?
        What will it take to let it all go?

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