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A thought du jour, my daily breath includes collected and conceived observations, questions of life, fortune cookie philosophies, reminders, messages of peace and simplicity, unsolicited advice, inspirations, quotes and words that got me thinking. They may get you thinking too . . .

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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slow down
Posted on December 31, 2022 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment

We all seem to be rushing
somewhere. The time goes
so fast, and there never seems
to be enough of it.
It comes with the season
and the obligations and
commitments we, many times,
bring upon ourselves.
In the midst of the madness,
find a moment or two for
stillness. Take a bit of time
to slow down.
Do what you are doing with
more attention and greater
Clarity is accomplished at a
reduced speed, with less
pressure, and more pleasure.

© 2015 j.g. lewis

night thoughts 2:27
Posted on December 30, 2022 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment

Certainly, it could be,
that I think too much
and don’t write enough.
Or occasionally I will
write without thinking
and still believing, at
2:27 a.m., all those
thoughts in my head
will make more sense
on the page before me.
I continue trying to
convince myself that
overthinking is not
nearly enough.

12/30/2022                                                                                     j.g.l.

charity begins with empathy
Posted on December 29, 2022 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment

There is a crisis in this city, and in most.
   Daily, weekly, monthly the stories and statistics are there.
   Reality: if it changes, it is not for the better.
   How have we become conditioned to the human condition? How can we make our lives (plural) better?
   We all need to do something.
   Charity begins with empathy.
   Open your mind, your hearts, and open your wallets (if you are able).
   Do what you can do.
   This story appeared in a community newspaper that was sitting in the coffee shop this morning. The pages were almost a month old, but the conditions described in the article haven’t changed positively over the past 29 days.
   Is there anything you can do in your community to better the lives (plural) of us all?
   Is there a cause or charity you can support? Today would be a good day to contribute time or money (if you can).
   We are reaching the end of a bleak year – and things are forecast to get even worse in the next – and the deadline for any tax deductible receipts for 2022 is looming. Is there something you can do?

12/29/2022                                                                                                   j.g.l.