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A thought du jour, my daily breath includes collected and conceived observations, questions of life, fortune cookie philosophies, reminders, messages of peace and simplicity, unsolicited advice, inspirations, quotes and words that got me thinking. They may get you thinking too . . .

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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At Any Speed
Posted on November 30, 2016 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment


Warning signs, dashboard indicators, red flags,
continual reminders of what is ahead, or
what follows at breakneck speed. Too fast; 
too busy, too confused, we yield not to the signals,
but push ahead, our direction, our intention,
our destination more important
than anyone else. Even suspended in traffic,
all four lanes, our refusal to allow others in
is more than stubbornness. Sharing neither
caution or common courtesy, we will not alter
or acknowledge our route.
To do so is to admit less power, or that we may
have lost our way. Distance and time
the only measure of where we are going, or
how we will get there. We navigate the commute
between the reality we live with, and that
which is expected, our individual emissions
contributing to the noxious fumes we ingest. Daily.
Driving forward, but not ahead, running on empty,
through a cracked windshield we see, or believe,
nothing will harm us. Road rage, we curse
under our breath. or shout foul-mouthed insults
at those behaving as we are, refusing right-of-way.
To anybody. Self-motivated or selfish,
it makes little difference at any speed. We fail
to notice a world that passes us by. Look,
perhaps a shoulder check. It may take a glance
in the review mirror to remind us life is precious.
Slow down. Pay attention. Let others in.

©2016 j.g. lewis

Posted on November 29, 2016 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment



Underneath It All


    keep it hidden
where you have been
   what you have done
      who you really are
               is it safe to
  reveal vulnerabilities
if no one else is capable
         of understanding
    is it healthy to
   keep it all
                     to yourself
a beautiful façade
   underneath it all
                   your secrets
      provide a pleasure
nobody else is able
                         to fulfill
 © 2011 j.g. lewis

Mondays are just young Fridays
Posted on November 28, 2016 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment


Frustrations often come and go,
some all-too-familiar, others more
on a need-to-know basis, a function
of life’s ebb and flow.
It is so.
A challenge to the here and now,
and who will care anyhow?
In its time you concentrate, or
meditate, even appreciate
what led you to this tiring state.
will not get the best of me.
Overwhelmed, I will struggle to
step over all I cannot change and
embrace the changes I have made.
Be calm,
always a mindful goal as you
question your being, and
search your soul. Answers apparent,
but not always there, take your time
with this truth or dare.
It’s not
out of sight, or out of mind, but
solutions arrive when it is time.
You know more than you admit,
or should, and always for the
greater good.