Mondays are just young Fridays


Frustrations often come and go,
some all-too-familiar, others more
on a need-to-know basis, a function
of life’s ebb and flow.
It is so.
A challenge to the here and now,
and who will care anyhow?
In its time you concentrate, or
meditate, even appreciate
what led you to this tiring state.
will not get the best of me.
Overwhelmed, I will struggle to
step over all I cannot change and
embrace the changes I have made.
Be calm,
always a mindful goal as you
question your being, and
search your soul. Answers apparent,
but not always there, take your time
with this truth or dare.
It’s not
out of sight, or out of mind, but
solutions arrive when it is time.
You know more than you admit,
or should, and always for the
greater good.

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