In Camera

This battered face prefers
the other side of the camera,
watching, waiting, silently
from the side. An observer,
looking on. Looking out.
These impaired eyes have
witnessed so much, perhaps
too much. Injustice, imbalance,
all in plain view. Images
flow through me, captured
for posterity. An honesty easier
recorded than memorized.
Focused on what is before me
more convenient than looking
within, where I know, and will
not be surprised at, what goes on
behind the camera. Damning
view of humanity, insincerity,
imbalanced injustice remains
with me. The unknowns,
knowingly stowed away,
referenced only occasionally,
when in disbelief at what
I have experienced. Privately.
Honestly. Silently. Memory.
Without the light. In camera.
04/25/17                                                     © j.g. lewis

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