You Have Enough

It gets harder each year to sort through the mixed messages we are bombarded with in this highly-commercialized season of greed.
  It’s not just the non-secular selling of goods and gifts destined to end up in the landfill, but the promise of perfection woven into each message; as if we are not complete without this or that.
  It is the message, the method, and the madness of advertising.
  Of course, it’s nothing new (it never has been), and soon you learn (as you always do) that the bigger the promise, the harder the fall.
  No matter your age, there is always something they are selling you.
  No matter your stage in life, there is always something they are telling you.
  Get past the bullshit.
  You have enough.
  We all have enough stuff.
  What we need is the resilience to say we have had enough, and the confidence to enjoy what we have.

12/16/2017                               j.g.l.

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