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There is a rotating postal strike in Canada right now, job action halting mail delivery in my city two days ago. The same ol’ junk mail was delivered yesterday, but maybe there will be a letter today?
  A lot of people have given up on traditional, hand-crafted letters (email is just so damned easy and available), but I still write letters. I feel it is communication on a more humane level.
Letter writing has almost become a lost art. Yes, it takes a little more time, but it works. You write differently with a pencil than you do with a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. There is no spell check, and the eraser provides the only chance to edit any mistakes or missteps in your train of thought; it is straightforward, honest communication. Ideas, emotions, concerns and questions just flow. I like that.
  I still receive letters (I’ve got this somewhat nerdy fascination with postage stamps) and truly appreciate touching base with a few souls scattered about this planet. There is something about hand-written words that seems to bring you closer to the writer.
  Thing is, this postal strike the result of months of unsuccessful contract negotiations between our government and the postal workers union is bound to slow down communication for a time. At some point the disruption of service in select cities will likely escalate into a full-blown strike or lockout.
  It’s bound to happen (it always does) for days, or weeks, but it will not stop me from writing. I may, at some point, stop dropping envelopes into the mailbox until the labour unrest is settled (and it always is), but I will still write.
  It is what I do.
  Do you still write letters?
  Write on.

10/26/2018                                     j.g.l.

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  1. I agree with you jg, it is a joy to write and receive a “proper” letter. There are only a couple of friends i regularly communicate with in this way but i always find it exciting when the postman drops one of their letters through the post box.
    I miss the days when all correspondence was done this way. E mails are not the same. Will literary figures have their e mails formed into books like their predecessors? Doesnt have the same ring to it for me. Progress eh!

    • A fresh letter in the daily mail: such a joyous event. Somebody took the time, to write, to find a postage stamp, address and envelope, nd walk it to the post box. True, genuine communication. It is such a deliberate act. You pay more attention to such a personal statement. I will, often or always, read the letter a second time when it is recieved, and will probably read it again later. Letters seem to attach themselves to your soul. Thanks for writing Scott. Appreciated.

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