It’s Personal

A journal is a personal statement of where you are, a reflection of where you have been, and often an indication of where you are going.
  Within our journals lay scattered thoughts, random scrabble, unanswered questions, potential solutions, unsatisfactory results, deliberate intentions, and living proof of the life we are leading.
  The scratchy handwriting is more than perception; it is our personal history as it happens; mindful expression of where we are in the moment.
  As we progress, as we evolve, our thoughts may change and our minds may move in different directions, but through it all we maintain a tactile, permanent record of our achievements and adventures.
  The longer you keep a journal, the further you will go.
  It takes commitment, yes, but the dedication is solely to your self.
  Couldn’t we all do with a little more time to ourselves?

I’ve got a FREE online journaling program beginning January 1.
10 days
10 prompts
10 reasons to explore
time for your self.

For more details, and to sign up,
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