Mondays are just young Fridays

Making our way to the ballot box, we, above all, cast a vote because of our love of this country. If we don’t believe in the process, we believe in the potential.
We show up.
We get the vote out.
We entrust our elected representatives to not only do their best to preserve and protect our way of life, but increase and expand the benefits of living in a nation with such possibility.
We remain hopeful something will get done and someone will get it right.
Often we are disappointed.
Elected officials seem to forget the election is about the people and not about the party. We live in a democracy where each vote is a voice, but politicians often spend so much time shouting that they cannot hear what the voters are saying.
Still we show up.
Still, we believe in potential.
Today is Election Day. Today your voice matters and your vote counts.
Today is not a day for doing what you have always done, nor is it a day for voting strategically. Most of all, it is not a day to feel affected by the fear and misfortune broadcast by one politician or another.
Today is a day to think positive. Today is a day to think about possibility.
Today is a day to use your voice and vote with your conscience.
Today is about the foreseeable future of our country. Today matters.
Don’t vote with the crowd, vote with your heart.
Vote love.

10/2/2019                                        j.g.l.

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