Home For The Holidays

Last Friday was the busiest travel day of the year at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport with more than 170,000 people headed in different directions. The travelers and their families were going on vacation, or going home for the holidays.
This is an important time of the year to get together with loved ones, an important time to go the distance to feel the love you feel you’ve neglected, or avoided.
Whether you are going or coming, welcome home. I wish you safe passage.
For many, it is not always possible to get home, or to find home. As our lives change, our perception of what is home, or where we live, is transformed.
Home is not always a place or destination, but a feeling.
Home is a place you can visit without leaving where you are.
Home can be that kind of place.
Home is a place where we feel the warmth and memories of those who are no longer with us, or can’t make it home.
You don’t have to travel far.
Be at home with yourself.
Happy holidays.


12/22/19                                                     j.g.l.

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