Mondays are just young Fridays

For no other reason than I thought I should, or mainly for the reason that I actually could, I sat with my sketchbook in a park in downtown Toronto on Friday afternoon.
   It was that sort of day: mid-January with the temperature well above freezing. No snow and no rain, no need for gloves, and a little sunshine for a change in these continually grey days.
   It was a beautiful day, so why shouldn’t I be out sketching non-judgmental art for only the reason of creativity. You should always allow yourself to be inspired by art, or even the thought of creating art..
   With CODID-19, we are into a lockdown in Toronto (a state of emergency actually) with a ‘stay at home’ order. You are only supposed to go out for essentials or exercise. I felt this fit into both categories.
   Isn’t art essential to your well-being?
   Shouldn’t we all take the time to exercise the soul?
   For me, it was a break from the reality we’ve all been living with. For a while I lost track of time. It didn’t feel like winter, but it certainly felt right.
   I realized I should do it more often.
   Pandemic be damned, I will.

01/18/2021                                             j.g.l.

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