Mondays are just young Fridays

When did we stop looking up,
for no real reason, instead of
looking ahead or over to see
what’s coming?
   Or looking up only to see
a sight, an attraction, even to
follow a voice, a plane, a bird,
a cry from above; rather than
lifting our eyes to the sky to
feel the sun on our face, or a
few spontaneous raindrops
unexpectedly refreshing
our soul. Feeling the awe.
   Remember, as a kid, having
the time to look up and watch
clouds, or stars, or fireflies,
not even thinking what was
there, but knowing it was
important. Right there.
   When did that stop?
   Why did that stop?
   Do you still wonder?
   Look up. Look further than
what is there. Open your eyes,
unconsciously, and don’t even
think about anything except
being there.
   Be there.
   Get outside.
   Look higher.

05/17/2021                                 j.g.l.


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