Mondays are just young Fridays


How You Play

It is hard to say it’s not a game, when
so many rules are sort of the same. Life
is much like Scrabble, you must play
what you are dealt. Always searching
for the right word, using what you have,
trying your best, hoping you don’t get
stuck in the end.

It’s not only how you play but what
you choose, which often determines if
you win or how you lose. Taking turns,
it is strategy that pulls you through,
other times sacrifice; not doing exactly
as you want because you don’t have
what you need.

You wait for opportunity when you have
something to say, then another player
gets in your way, or takes what is yours.
Unprepared you can’t find the words.
Sometimes there are not enough Ys
or a lot of whys, and then there are
too many I.O.U.s

04/24/17                                                                  ©j.g. lewis

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