Aged and infirmed,
cancer-ridden and cantankerous;
a rogue among the dying, diseased,
and demented, caught
sneaking a cigarette Discounting
the munificence of borrowed time.
Hacking, then spitting, a milky blend
of blood-tarnished phlegm and
syrupy saliva onto the hospital’s
freshly-polished linoleum.
Fuck you whore, his clarion call
of protest to the night-shift nurse,
attempting to seize the shouldering
butt. A forced, yet sincere, smile
as she successfully snatched the
contraband from the wizened,
gnarled hand. Already tired
of tucking these inglorious bastards
into bed, she will leave the spittle
for the morning crew. They could
deal with the shit, piss, or blood
that would surely flow
through the night. Indignation
below her pay grade.

©2017 j.g. lewis

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