From A Place I Once Visited 

by Heather E. Cameron

New York rain at the end of November 
On skylights that once showed sun
Winter is coming, and I long for you
I’m not home right now, but will be soon
And you won’t be there
You had left me like November into December 
Like the first snow that wants to become spring 
Those raindrops on skylights are my heartbeats 
Tiptoeing across glass and steel
Dreams wishing for slumber 
Skin aching for touch
Eyes wanting more to gaze upon
And a heart that longs to be yours,
in a soul, of a place I’ve visited 

@2018 Heather E. Cameron

Heather E Cameron lives in the small town of Wauconda, IL where you can find her drinking coffee and dreaming of big cities and wide landscapes. She is a wearer of hearts on sleeves, a child of the wilderness, and a lover of simplicity. She is a self-proclaimed poet slowly reaching the masses, one poem at a time.

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