As You Can, When You Can

June ends today.
  July will unfold with its timely splendor, but August is waiting in the shadows.
The days have already grown shorter, slightly, each day with less and less sunlight.
  Daylight only lasts so long.
  And that’s how it happens; summer can easily slip away.
  Make the most of it, as you can, when you can.
  Make a picnic out of each meal possible. Select local vegetables and fruit as it comes into season.
  Savour each bite of a watermelon, for the sweet succulent fruit will only quench parched throats for so long.
  Ride your bicycle a little slower; take in the sights, and the sounds, of summer. Should you pass swiftly by all that surrounds you, you will only come to a stop and realize autumn is whispering in your ear.
  Enjoy your summer days. This time is short. Make the memories as you can, when you can.

06/30/2019                                               j.g.l.

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