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A thought du jour, my daily breath includes collected and conceived observations, questions of life, fortune cookie philosophies, reminders, messages of peace and simplicity, unsolicited advice, inspirations, quotes and words that got me thinking. They may get you thinking too . . .

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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I Vote Anyway
Posted on October 28, 2020 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment

I voted on Monday.
It was only a by-election, still I voted.
It does not matter whether the election is federal, provincial, or municipal,
I vote any way.
It does not matter whom I vote for.
What matters is that I voted.
I does not matter that I do not subscribe to any certain party’s beliefs,
I vote.
I believe in democracy, not politics.
I voted for the candidate I believed most closely represented my values.
I voted for the candidate I believed would best represent the community.
I always vote.
The politician I vote for is my choice.
It matters that I have that choice.
It matters that I have a voice.
On Monday, it mattered that I voted.
I does not matter that the candidate I selected was not successful.
What matters is that I voted.
I will vote whether the election is federal, provincial, or local.
It matters.
It matters even more that I can vote.
There is nothing to stop me from voting.
In this country we practice democracy.
In this country we have that freedom.
I live in Canada.
So I vote.
I will vote, even if there is no candidate who represents me.
Whether I am voting nationally, provincially or locally,
I will show up.
It doesn’t matter if I mark my ballot, or whether I spoil my ballot.
It matters that a ballot is available to me.
It matters that I have the right to vote.
It matters that I have that freedom.
So I vote.
Even if the vote does not go the way I anticipate, or expect,
the vote will go my way.
It is my right to vote.
I respect the process.
I don’t always respect the politician, but that too is my right,
because I voted.
You should always vote.
Voting gives you a choice.
Voting gives you a voice.

@ 2020 j.g. lewis

Any Less Certain
Posted on October 21, 2020 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment

It simply cannot be an acceptable answer,
not now and not ever. Barely a response,
‘maybe’ is so noncommittal, and far
too common in this age of ambiguity.
All too often we settle for a maybe
instead of waiting for what we want,
even if we are uncertain.
Can you get any less certain than maybe?
Maybe lacks affirmation, even more
than ‘I don’t know’ but, really, it is
much the same as saying so.
How can you know where you will go,
if you don’t make a decision, or even
an attempt to decide a definite position
or destination? Be definite in your role,
your place, and in your desires.
Don’t be so lackadaisical in your intent
that you allow outside measures to
influence a promise, plan, or proposition.
Perhaps you have grown tired of all those
things you have to do, the responsibilities,
duties, and outright obligations expected
of you. It seems like so much, it always
does, but you try to comply, but you don’t
ask the how; or where. Nor even the why.
You can easily be hijacked by a maybe;
it is frequently unknown but at the time
may seem like it has true potential.
Undeniably so, but you never can tell
what a maybe will mean. Even if
you are not certain of your goals, you
should be committed to your direction.

Spoken Truth
Posted on October 14, 2020 by j.g.lewisLeave a comment

I hear you, more than I listen to myself.
Messages of caution or concern,
statements of grace, sentiment
not fallen on inattentive ears.

The words we can,
the words we must,
the words we say.
The words we trust

And this. And we, are we
even comfortable with our vocabulary?
Do we know or can we tell,
right words from the wrong?

Conversation or confrontation, depending
on your situation, those same words mean
something else to someone else.
It’s becomes even more difficult to tell.

The words we say.
The words we hear,
spell out misunderstanding.
Injustice. Pain or fear

Shared experience, descriptions,
details, doubt and deception at times
difficult to put into words.
Our emotions demand that they must.

Honesty is what it is, as it has
always been, but spoken less and less
more and more. It matters not how you
express yourself, only that you do.


© 2020 j.g. lewis