Mondays are just young Fridays


We all want more from each day
than the one before. Not
out of greed, but more of need
to keep us moving forward.

More sunshine, and more moonlight,
evermore falling stars, more
listening, more understanding,
more letters from afar.

Soft glances, smiles and laughter,
more silence than before;
not the quiet that haunts you,
it’s restful and its more.

More opportunities to do the things
you don’t do now, as much.
More inspiration and motivation,
and more excuses not to rush.

A more mindful attempt at moderation,
a more conscious effort at rejuvenation.
All about self-realization, more
confidence now and not alienation.

More self-respect and self-reliance,
more tolerance of your ways;
remind yourself of all your worth
and do it every day.

A little more faith in what you can do,
as much as anything else, more
patience with those around you,
and especially with your self.

More pencils, fewer erasers, make
new lessons of your mistakes. Reward
yourself with what brings you joy
or slice of chocolate cake.

More care, but far less caution,
better judgment along the way,
try to be a better person, try
to make someone else’s day.

More time, more days, more getaways
with those you’ve come to love.
More seconds, minutes and hours
for all of the above.




This month is all about poetry.
Something new every day.

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