Mondays are just young Fridays



Shine On

Does a single candle
lessen the darkness or
increase the light?
Can a solitary person
show you the way?

We come across spirits,
certain whiles in our lives,
who become our candles.
Each time ignited we adjust
our eyes.

Days remain through night.
We begin to notice
what we haven’t. Before.
Do we bask in the brightness.
or feel vulnerable?

At times we extinguish
a candle, because it is strong.
Overwhelming. Afraid,
not of the light
but where it shines.

Be a candle. Be the flame,
take away darkness, shed light
on the shame. Open
your eyes to the shadows
and the spark.

Shine as you can, as
you will, as you must.
Be a force and a focus.
Light is to be shared,
in the glow we must trust.




This month is all about poetry.
Something new every day.

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