Mondays are just young Fridays

Longer days, shorter nights,
less time to reflect.
Summer Solstice.
                                  It’s happening.
Mistress Moon is weak, hardly
a whisper.
I no longer
hear her voice, or
                                 less and less
                                 she occupies
my mind.
Somehow it just happens.
My choice.
Less focus on her,
more focus on dreams and desires.
                                They can happen,
                                 they will happen,
without distraction.
Dedication, application, rejuvenation,
that’s how it will happen.
You’ve come
too far,
given up
too much, to not
                                make it happen.
If you want
it to happen.
        Yes, your past may pester you,
        but it will not drag you down.
what made you feel good about yourself?
You can
                feel better
                be   better
if you want.
                              It can happen
                              if it’s meant to happen,
on your own terms.
                             Make it happen.


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