Mondays are just young Fridays

Multi-tasking has not only become the bane of our existence, but the way we exist. Each week, the ever-increasing demands, distractions, and obligations can totally deplete our energy or essence.

By breaking it down, day by day, you make the week more manageable.

Acknowledge one situation in your life that’s taking away your power and make this a priority for the day. Give yourself time to think deeper on the task or circumstance. Find greater understanding of its importance.

You may not be able to devote all of your time to this one single activity — and you might not conquer or complete the task — yet by making it a priority, you’ll more mindfully be able to go about the day. You will gain greater perspective of the situation and, in doing so, more effectively handle whatever else comes your way.

By concentrating your energy directly on one situation, you are better able to deal with the other issues, as they become a priority every other day of the week. Finding more time for one specific task may also mean finding more time for you.

Make your self the true priority.

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