Mondays are just young Fridays


I am, right now, everything I am. Despite
ambivalence and happenstance,
I remain, as I can. Here.
I dream and scheme, I wholeheartedly
try, there is still much confusion, and
clouds become stuck
in my eye. But me, being me, I
accept it that way. It’s all I can do,
especially today.
Wake up.
To question any changes, I would
have to look ahead; it’s pointless to ponder
too much life spent in bed.
Or a shortage of cash, and not enough
time, or not enough hope; regret
is a crime.
I cannot justify the greed
in only wanting more, if I can’t
be content with what happened before.
It doesn’t mean I simply stop
all attempts to improve my lot,
but it means appreciating the steps
before the stop. It means
being me, the right me, the best me
I can possibly be. Now,
I might get sidetracked, somewhere
along the way, but
I am who I am, on any given day.

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