Mondays are just young Fridays

IMG_1092 - Version 2

In my pack I carry a notebook,
day planner, a paperback, often
my camera, occasionally a
sweater, usually a sandwich,
and always a piece of fruit.
These are the things required
to get me through the day.

In my mind I carry thoughts,
a never-ending to-do list,
residual dreams, a purpose,
memories, and lessons
I have learned thus far.
Hopefully it’s enough
to get me through life.

Travel light, or as light as
possible. It’s pointless
carrying around too much
baggage, or too many things
that hold you back. You
should know what you need
to keep moving forward.

At the same time, always leave
a little room for the unexpected.
Whether it’s time, space, or
mindset, you have to allow for
new thoughts, adventures,
people, and the treasures you
may find along the way.

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