It is the night when you dream,
the night when you hope, when
thoughts run rampant
and anything is possible.
Plots are hatched
and scenes run deep,
without conscious defense
from the practical
and unassailable reasoning
one must muster
in sundrenched days.
It is at night when you think
of those you love, or loved,
those who have left by death
or divorce or distraction.
There should be peace at night,
and rest should come easy.
If you can’t find that safety
or reassurance
beside the person who
shares your bed,
you won’t find satisfaction
with the thoughts
in your head.
You should be soothed by
the security of night’s darkness
and wake
with contentment
to the reality we call a day.

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  1. How perfect this is. So glad at this moment that I read this. I was still up and here it was. Beautiful photos beautiful words. I like this place, thank you for sharing it.

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