Mondays are just young Fridays


I think today will be a good day,
I think it will.
I wake with a purpose, and the
fortified intention to step ahead,
to keep moving forward,
wherever this path will take me.
It’s a fully conscious decision,
my mind made up, to do
what I need to do,
because I can.
The power of the mind is
an amazing thing.
By directing your thoughts
you can shape what you think
and how you see and feel,
so you can, and will, do what is
meant to be done.
Your attitude, on any given day,
impacts the circumference
of your being.
Attitude is all up to you.
Sometimes you have to look
past the troubles and trials
you think may be
holding you back.
You have to
clear your mind of images and
events causing unrest, globally
or personally.
You have to, first,
think of yourself and
find the frame of mind that
will allow you to accomplish,
or continue, what you
set out to do.
There are places you can go,
and things you should be seeing,
yet the most important thing,
for your self, is just being.


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