Mondays are just young Fridays


We all have things we want to do,
to say, to see, and to be.
Our goals, or plans, our dreams;
belong to us, and we try, or
we strive, to make them happen.
It may take a while; we know that.
We work while we wait
for the stars to align, or for
the right time, or correct phrase
to find its way, and we may be
held back by our emotions, or
our will, but we continue to try.
Trying is the only way
it will happen,
so keep moving forward.
Don’t become discouraged
and, please, don’t give up.
Never give up.
Too many people, too many times,
have abandoned plans, or dreams
and goals.
When you let go of a dream,
you give up on your self.
The dream, the goal, remains,
and it sits latent and unresolved;
it stays as a reminder of what
you could accomplish if only you
put your mind back into it.
The idea is still there, casting
a shadow over everything else
you will attempt, it reminds you
of what you could have done, or
should be doing, so take the hint.
Better to have
a dream in progress
than one that seems like
it will never happen.
Keep working on that dream.
Never give up.

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