Mondays are just young Fridays


Enlight1There is no way of “correctly”
living your life; there are far too
many faults, imperfections, and
interruptions for that to happen.
   You are too flawed (we all are),
but it is within the many
inadequacies, between all those
blemishes and scars that we
make life happen, as it does.
   If you try to live life “correctly”
you will become too cautious
and miss so many opportunities.
Try, instead, to live your life
“completely”, taking in all that
is around you, and absorbing as
much as possible. See, and feel,
all the potential and possibilities.
   Look past your imperfections,
and those of others; see all the
beauty and strength that is (or
could be) there.
   Enjoy life “completely”, all
the movements and moments,
each step, and every breath.
Live it completely, flaws and all.

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