Mondays are just young Fridays


Think of all that is pure, and
all that is good. Think of all
that you need,
                          or all
that you should. Think of
stars through the day,
dream of sunbeams at night,
think of moments
you felt special,
                          and the times
it felt right.
                         Think of
how it was worth it, despite
fear and the pain, think of
how you’ll do it
                         the next time,
if you
do it again. Think
of the trust that you know,
and the truth
you could share,
think of the why and the how,
think of now,
                       think of where.
Think of all of the words
which need
                   to be said, go ahead
and say them without
hesitation, or dread. Think
of the things
you still haven’t done, but
remember the struggles
         you’ve passed through,
     and have now overcome.
Think of becoming
you’ve always wanted to be,
think of enlarging
the presence of
your whole and holly ‘me’.
as you will,
of the who, and the way.
         think it over,
                     and begin today.

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