Mondays are just young Fridays



A friend sent me a poem many years
ago. It was a short work, but length
does not lessen its power.
  Over the years this friend and I have
shared poetry and even taken the time
to read it together; a shared experience
where we offered our own verse, and
common favorites written by others.
  I’ve read thousands of poems, but this
one short poem from her pen often
comes back to me. It is a succulent
poem about an old shirt and the security
and assurance it can provide. I could
not recite the entire poem by rote,
but the theme speaks to personal
worth and how the fabric of the shirt
—’ laundered to a softness only age
and time can give’ — comforts the
soul as only familiarity can.
  Like an old friend, poetry offers
respite and relief when long days are
less than expected or sadder than most.
  Poetry provides a smile when needed,
inspires action when required, and
reinvigorates emotions when moved.
  Like many old friends, poetry is not
always top of mind, though you do
know it is there for you. Like an old
shirt, poetry waits for when it can be
  Today is World Poetry Day. Take the
time to read some prose today, maybe
your own work, or perhaps that of others.
  You might have a favorite, or you may
find wonderment in something brand
new from somebody you know nothing
  Whatever you read, know it will speak
to the soul, as only poetry can.

thank you Darlene Payne, always . . .

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