April Is Poetry Month


Whisper of Truth

We strive or struggle
in this tempestuous atmosphere,
    mindful of words measured
      or immediate,
and whispered as intended.

Velocity and circumstance differ.
    Interpretation, introspection,
    the memories remain
         as we see
               this poetry we breathe.

Rhythm and patterns suggest
    scattered thoughts,
unparalleled emotions, and
       a decency to remind
    the heart to remember.

©2016 j.g. lewis

April, every April,
but especially this April
is Poetry Month
        Read, write, recite,
Celebrate poetry & poets.

There is poetry
everywhere. It belongs
Find some you like,
don’t be afraid to share.
Poetry. Write your own
should you care.

Each day, every day,
every April
(but especially this April)
there will be new poetry.
Every day. Right here
               Find your way.

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