Left With Thoughts


I always do the right thing,
consistently I try to deal
with life’s perplexities, but
seldom question why.
Adapt or accommodate, it
may take a while longer, yet
I tolerate. Obstructions
and random barriers always
come into play, difficulties
are quite organic, built-in
so they say. It’s by design
and there is a will and
certainly a certain way.
Rising up each morning on
the right side of the bed,
the slightest irritation won’t
stop all that lies ahead.
Nothing will prevent me
from exploring what
is mine, conscious of my
direction, left with thoughts
bordering on sublime.
Often accused of backwards
thinking, it’s quite the
opposite I suggest. My style
is more open-minded and
frequently put to the test. I’m
counter to conformity, it’s the
way I am and have always
been. I surrender to my
passions, but don’t retreat
when a white flag is unfurled.
It’s my left-handed logic
in a right-handed world.
© 2016 j.g. lewis



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