Mondays are just young Fridays



    If, in the darkness, you stub a toe
or fall blindly to the floor,
it should be in the direction of
the light attempting to burst
through a crack.
                           Should you be alone,
                 do not waste time waiting
for someone to rescue you, but
rather use all your energy to
pick your self up, even if the journey
is in the direction of
                               someone you know
                                     will understand.
            They will accept you
more completely, and offer
greater respect and gratitude
knowing the difficulties
you have encountered.
             As you become sidetracked or
led off the path, remember
there is more than one way to get
to your destination.
                                    Observe carefully
detours and distractions keeping you
from what you want,
and be mindful of
all true intentions.
        Know the light continues to wait
                            and will welcome you
                                     with open heart.
When you remain stuck in a rut,
unable to move forward,
know nothing is
too deep to block your light, or
that which is there for you.
                             It may take
all your intuition as you summon the
spirit which has inspired before, but
you cannot remain
too low for too long, when
you realize the source is never far.
                   As you arrive, do not ask
why it took so long to see,
but simply
be grateful you found a way back.

© 2016 j.g. lewis

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