Mondays are just young Fridays


I will, as the day progresses,
encounter negative attitudes, become
distracted by unfulfilled dreams, and
make numerous attempts
to silence the imagination. All is
to be expected and none can be
explained, thus I will continue to
make my way.
  It is not without want or intention,
and at certain points over the next
24 hours, I will find some clarity
and acceptance; often reminding
myself to be grateful for what
I have or where I have been.
  Sure, certain things need to be
improved, or forgotten, but these
are only parts of what I am and not
the total me.
  I am the sum of all my parts. I am
what I am and keep trying to be
all I can be.
  I will continue to find
a future for the unexplained.
So goes my life, so goes my day.

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