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Mondays are just young Fridays

Each morning, every morning, there is time to consider plans for the day, for the weeks, months, perhaps years ahead.
   Formulated in quiet thought, these goals might not be concrete, or complete, but they are personal reminders of what can be achieved over time.
   If I write them down they seem real; more than dreams and wishes. Maybe even more than I should ask for, or more than I am allowed?
   Only time will tell.

09/26/2022                                                                           j.g.l.


Comfort food,
as the temperature dips.


Restaurant special,
mom’s recipe or
make it up as you go.

Is there a better day
than today?

Be nourished.

Take the time
to enjoy.

Remember the leftovers.

09/23/2022                                                                    j.g.l.


Art is subjective,

graffiti destructive,

or is it



09/22/2022                                                                   j.g.l.

I'm like a pencil;
sometimes sharp,
most days
other times
dull or
Still I write.

j.g. lewis
is a writer/photographer in Toronto.

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Mondays are just young Fridays

Posted on May 2, 2016 by j.g.lewis Leave a comment


I will, as the day progresses,
encounter negative attitudes, become
distracted by unfulfilled dreams, and
make numerous attempts
to silence the imagination. All is
to be expected and none can be
explained, thus I will continue to
make my way.
  It is not without want or intention,
and at certain points over the next
24 hours, I will find some clarity
and acceptance; often reminding
myself to be grateful for what
I have or where I have been.
  Sure, certain things need to be
improved, or forgotten, but these
are only parts of what I am and not
the total me.
  I am the sum of all my parts. I am
what I am and keep trying to be
all I can be.
  I will continue to find
a future for the unexplained.
So goes my life, so goes my day.

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