Mondays are just young Fridays


Listen . . .
not to the mental graffiti and emotional traffic staining your thought process,
and not to the persistent and ever-present vocabulary of the naysayers and ne’er-do-wells. It is only noise.
  Listen, past the clutter that distracts from your true thoughts and intentions, and find solace by being, seeing, and believing in your self.
  Your voice counts.
  The voices of others — at times knowledgeable and appreciated — still do not speak earnestly to who, or what, you need to know.
  Only you can do that.
  While it may become difficult deciding, or culling through the options and potential solutions to personal predicaments, only you can find the answer.
  Only you possess the knowledge and thoughts that are best for your self. Consult your memory; remember how it was or how it could have been. Utilize the wealth of wisdom built up over your time on this planet. Yes, you’ve made bad decisions in the past, and these should also be referenced.
  It is important to be aware we all cannot survive in isolation, that we live in world requiring us to deal with a wide variety of people and personalities. In this diversity we find ourselves.
  We are individuals.
  Avoid the trash talk and melodious bafflegab of the soul-sucking corporations trying to steal your persona by turning you into somebody else, or be like all the others.
  Be yourself.
  If we buy into the marketing and messages of timeworn merchants of confusion, or the chatter of threadbare zealots, you cannot, and will not, see past the borders they set up before you.
  Establish your own boundaries.
  Remain as individual as you are, listen to your self, and be reminded it is a voice of value. The opinions and attitudes of others often invade plans of where you want to go.
  Heed the good advice offered, take it with grain of fault, and make sure it is good for you.
  Don’t let the noise steal your piece.

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